She just wants to be left alone.

We're just trying to protect you.


It's his problem, not mine.

Kristen is obsessive.

I feel very sorry for Kieran, poor fellow.

Carlos was caught stealing a car.

Terry is temperamental, isn't he?


I will get off the train at the next station.

She reached out for my arm.

Oedipus thought for a long while.

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He doesn't have his medication.

You sound crazy.

Latex is a natural ingredient that comes from rubber trees.


I'll go and see if I can get Torsten to help.


Who are the famous musicians in your country?

I only want what's best for Tricia.

The wise ones fashion speech with their thought, sifting it as grain is sifted through a sieve.

Francis arrived at Galeao at six.

Martyn told the boys to line up.

Melinda and Louiqa both died in the accident.

Tell me about your job.


My friend scored 95 on the maths exam.


Don't be soft on kids.

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If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

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I couldn't keep from crying.

I sold a book.

Morton felt a pain in his back.

Instead of ink, there was some unidentified liquid in the bottle.

We are busy preparing for our wedding and honeymoon.

I've been married twice.

Mexico is a country whose borders adjoin with those of the United States.

No unauthorised personnel.

He never hears what I'm trying to say.

I never dreamed that our company would expand its business to the U.S.

King's favorite movie is "Planet of the Squirrels."

I want to do something special for you.

I can barely afford to buy enough food to feed my family.

Torres booted the ball to his teammate.

This park isn't open to the public.


I've bought a gift for Tran.

I deleted one.

What impressed me was the blue sky.

The stream is not very swift.

Penny saved is a penny got.

Pratapwant pulled his suitcase out of the closet.

It looks like Blake is leaving.

He refreshed himself with a cup of tea.

You ruined me.

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Kusum went shopping with Damone.

Your accent's good, but your pronunciation's a little bit off.

Keep them busy.

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I wish you'd both keep quiet.


Poetry is a sickness of the brain.

Sharon thinks she's beautiful.

She stood up when her teacher came in.

We have to take care of our parents.

Patricia hates us.

Many people in Africa speak French.

I own some very old stamps.


I think that jacket would fit me.

Love is wonderful and beautiful.

Does Randell know any of this?


Aren't you afraid?

We shouldn't even be here.

I know about that research.


You're probably right.

Elaine read the document out loud.

There was no chance to finish the job on time.

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Every time I saw him, I was overcome with his brilliance.

I'm going to make a little fruit salad for everyone.

This street runs due north.

I want you to stand guard.

I will only buy the car if they repair the brakes first.

I've got nothing.

Shel will be safe.

I can't wait to see you guys again in March.

I wonder who killed them.

He was elected captain of the team.

This company and I have signed a contract of three years.

You do your part and I'll do the rest.

I know you've spent the last three years in prison.

The majority of the committee voted against the bill.

You can't just give up.

Your writing is good except for a few mistakes.

I want to find out where Sedovic bought his shoes.

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Everyone is staring at me.


The library is closed on Sundays.

Then Hawking wanted to finish his degree, work at Cambridge, and keep on living.

Dorothy said he'd be here.


Myron is very good.

There's a question for the public.

He fulfilled his obligation.

Sho's father is a Korean War veteran.

A cousin is my uncle's son.

You heard coughing, didn't you?

Furry rabbits are so cute.


Have a nice holiday.

Price, which do you prefer, girls with long hair or girls with short hair?

Happy Canada Day!

Bucky certainly owes Adam an apology.

Regardless what you say, I don't believe you.

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"Can life exist without sin?" asked the old philosopher.

You don't have to impress me.

Another step, and you would have fallen down the stairs.

Everyone laughed, except Petr.

I wouldn't want to disappoint Herb.

He thought he could get her to like him if he ingratiated himself with her mother.

Sherri was listed among the missing.

Everything will turn out for the best.

They'll never understand.

I'll miss your cooking.

The structure already has some defects.

I want you to do whatever you think is right.

Her heart is as good as gold.

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Today, I'm too sad for this thing.

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Hal likes playing football.


How can I prove it?

The troops soon put down the rebellion.

It was not hard to fit in at all. Everyone was very welcoming.

He belittles others to make himself feel important.

Rob isn't in the mood anymore.

They assisted him in performing the operation.

I didn't say I liked her.

Winnie has never had a good job.

Every person in Port Alberni seems to be in a turkey-induced coma.

I listen to the sounds of nature, far from the noise of the traffic.

No one can deprive of your human rights.


Dalton blew Ramesh a kiss.

Go slow.

The didn't say anything to Guillermo.

I suppose you want me to tell Isidore what happened.

Shel squeezed the trigger, but the gun didn't fire.

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I've been living in San Salvador for six years.

Clara hailed a cruising taxi.

The store is almost empty.

Is Vladislav more intelligent than you are?

Let's go and see Jean-Christophe.


The train that Bert was riding was hit by lightning.


I can hardly believe it myself.

It was me who killed Kennedy.

I know the girl who is making cakes.

He accused the man of stealing.

Is it an obsession?

It was supposed to be a surprise.

Experience is acquired with time.

Are you still awake?

But, knowing precisely sadness and love and death, and that they are vain images when we observe them from the calm space where we should shut ourselves in, he kept on weeping, and desiring love, and fearing death.

In the morning, the air is cool.

I couldn't sleep because of the heat.

It's your fault I can't talk.

Are you currently taking any medication?

Lila scrubbed the sink.

The two brothers couldn't get along with each other.


I'm not sure Alf wants to go there.


Andrea said he cried all night.

I'd better turn the engine off.

I disagree with that.


You may use my pen.

Today is my day.

Since when do you care what's in style?

What he said doesn't make sense to me.

We thought we did a good job.

I went camping in the Japan Alps with my club.

Even a child knows right from wrong.

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He died from wounds.

It's amazing how much time it takes Pitawas to wash his car.

I think that's where Bertrand is now.